Stanley Creative Company Roei and Katie

It all started when...

Stanley Creative Company was born out of a desire to see businesses feel empowered and enjoying what their online presence can do for them, instead of hindered and frustrated by what it’s not.  We love to see small businesses thriving and connected to their ideal clients, with easy-to-use online tools, and clearly displayed products and services.

Our Aims

  • Find your most relevant means of communication and advertising with your ideal clients
  • Offer our services in a timely and punctual manner
  • Create attractive designs that represent who you are in a cohesive and modern way
  • Offer personalized strategies and plans - listening to what you need
  • To be realistic and honest with you about what your business needs.

Meet the Stanleys


Stanley Creative Company is a husband and wife duo, who love to see great design and marketing come to life.  We are based out of Vanderhoof, British Columbia, but are happy to provide services for the area of Fort St James, Fraser Lake, Prince George, Burns Lake, out of province, and even globally!     
Here's a little bit about us...

Katie Stanley of Stanley Creative Company Web Design Vanderhoof BC

Hi, I'm Katie

I’ve been doing this for a long time: Designing and building website mockups was my idea of fun even as a preteen, when I mostly focused on finding every possible way to void the improper use of Times New Roman font.  Through the years, I fell in love with Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing, and began self-taught studies.

What I'm Into:

Fonts and Typography.  Memory Documenting. Kombucha Brewing.  Volkswagen Vans.   (Anything 1970s).  Woven Art.


Hey, I'm Roei;

I’m the one who dives into what’s happening behind the scenes on your site with Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics.  I enjoy learning how technology is developing and how to harness all it’s capable of.

What I'm Into:

Soccer.  Hunting.  Videography.  More soccer. Traveling.  Tickling Noam.  YouTube.  Permaculture.

Roei Stanley Stanley Creative Co Web Design

Hi, I'm Noam.

My job is being cute.  And licking the printer.


Enough about us... See what we're all about creating.